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November 5, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1911C08] Sool-Ae-Ta-U, which is in a powder form, is a product that can be eaten much easier than the original liquid form, in a combination with alcoholic drinks. It can be easily consumed anywhere without any changes in the taste of alcohol. It is perfect for (today’s) busy people who are feeling tired from the frequent dining and drinking culture.
Sool-Ae-Ta-U, which contains seven different types of patented probiotics, is made to simply enjoy the drinks anywhere by containing only 5.9kcal per 1 sachet. This is a must-have item to make you feel

fresh and ready to go to work after an evening of drinking.
The Biotechnology is a new growth factor in the future generation. The technology of Well-Being LS Co., Ltd. is based on vegetable-origin probiotics originating from soy fermentation foods. This technology is applied to many probiotics research areas, production, and sales.

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