High-Quality Beef


[INQ. NO. 1911C07] Carrara 640 Wagyu features a buttery soft texture and fine marbling, available only from cattle with superior genes.
Ebony beef, from hand-selected Black Angus cattle, delivers a juicy, marbled, tender and flavoursome eating experience. This product is grass-fed, grain-finished and hormone-free, boasting outstanding flavour — a true crowd favourite.
Kilcoy Blue Diamond is a reliable beef product that leads the ever-growing beef market, offering outstanding taste and tenderness of cows fed on fresh grass and grain.

Natural Farmers Beef is a premium meat brand of carefully selected breeds from a clean area, which is delivered to consumers’ tables in the freshest state through safe and strict quality control.
Highland Foods Co., Ltd. is a food-specializing company, which imports, processes, and distributes meat, such as beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. It started as a trading company in 1999 and is now celebrating its 20-year-anniversary.

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