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November 5, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1911C23] Honey Preserved Liquid Tea is a health product made by using honey and oligosaccharides only instead of sugar added to carefully selected ingredients produced in Korea. The types of herbal supernatants include Honey Preserved Ginseng, Honey Preserved Bellflower Root, Honey Preserved Ginger, Honey Preserved Omija, and Honey Preserved Jujube.
This product consists of 10% herbal raw material, 80% oligosaccharide, and 10% honey to prevent excessive sugar intake. It is manufactured according to an exclusive pretreatment technology and low-temperature pressurized extraction method. This liquid sugar features high antioxidant effect and bioactive enzyme.

Honey Preserved Ginseng and Honey Preserved Bellflower Root contain saponin, and offers medical actions like expectorants, antiphlogistics, antiulcer drugs, adrenocortical hormones secretion acceleration, and airway mucus secretion, and strengthens immunity.
Honey Preserved Ginger, Honey Preserved Omija, Honey Preserved Jujube, and Honey Preserved Burdock have high antioxidative activity and are used for activation of enzymes, strengthening immunity, strengthening vision, antiphlogistic and antibacterial enhancement. This is a healthy, simple, and convenient product that can be served as a nice cup of tea by mixing two to three spoons of the liquid into warm water; furthermore, it can enhance immunity in the body.
Since its establishment in 2013, Agricultural Corporation Gagopa-Healingfood Co., Ltd. has implemented a mass-production system to produce healing foods using domestically famous agro-specialty products under the theme of “Healing” to treat body and mind such as Sammgyetang Ingredient, Honey Preserved Liquid Tea, an Organic Herbal Tea.
In addition, the company developed snacks for breast-feeding women through food development by life cycles with Kyungnam University, so that they can consume environment friend nutrients during breastfeeding. This product is made of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, and a bag of the snack can provide all your daily mineral and vitamin requirements.

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