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November 5, 2019

INQ. NO. 1911C47] FURSYS Group is a comprehensive furniture manufacturer. With its popular furniture brands including FURSYS, ILOOM, and SIDIZ, FURSYS specializes in developing furniture product lines with aesthetic designs, quality materials, and high functionality. FURSYS brings together principle, professionalism, passion, and enhanced design technology for full customer satisfaction.

AROUND series
Modularization of the AROUND series can make itself transformed and meet customers’ individual needs of chairs. Its smoothly curved frame structure and lumbar support the user’s spine and its breathable mesh back refresh the user’s mind and body.

T50 series
The best ergonomics in chairs means one is not afraid of being seated on the chair. T50 series makes it possible with highly sophisticated adjustability and functionalities. Having all of these features along with easy handling, its high performance promises the freedom of the whole body enabling one to enjoy it at the moment of synchronizing oneself with the chair.

enAble&enLite series
In this new era, an office that can be transformed freely for growth and that supports horizontal communication is necessary. enAble&enLite series is designed to provide ergonomic design, convenient systems, and unrestricted layout, representing a new office that increases work efficiency. The system encourages cooperation, efficiency, and communication.

BeConn series
With simple but sharp design, the BeConn series creates a space for collaboration. It enables more effective collaboration through utilizing IT devices such as display equipment and convenient wiring system. Its vertical wire management presents a space available for organizing wires while maintaining a neat outlook.

SQUARE series
The SQUARE series, equipped with a simple lined unit, is the system which has a unique, refined design and shows various compositions according to spaces. Free communication is encouraged by the system. Also, SQUARE presents functional storage structure with an open hole in the upper wall unit enabling storage of goods simply and conveniently and a movable tea plate for light conversations and refreshment. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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