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Smart Products for Kids | Korean Products

[INQ. NO. 1911C50] IMISO 5 in 1 Smart Table is a multi-item equipped with five functions: study table, sand play, clay play, playing with water, and utility box.
This product was created after analyzing the characteristics and the usage review of existing popular products on the market, and shows safe and perfect quality completed through a course of many mold modifications and molding sample modifications. Users can open the removable top plate and use sand or water to play feel games while close the top plate to transform this item to an all-in-one styled table.

Also, there is a stand to hold an iPad or mobile phone to facilitate image learning. Clay chopping frame at both sides and mold plate with cup & teaching tool holder add abundance to children’s activities. The product is finished with vivid colors, trendy and safe rounding to help the sense of children in cooperation with the best designers. Because it can be used as a toy storage box, children can develop a habit of putting all things back, which can be one of the attractive points to win the hearts of discerning consumers.

IMISO Mega Bucket is a multi toy can be used in both sand play and bath play regardless of weather or place. The item was launched in two colors selected through sales report analysis, and another color will be launched soon.
This product even has price competitiveness because mass production is possible through toy special shops operated by the manufacturer directly and many domestic business relations. As it also has animal shape water pistol which children can play with during a bath, it can be enjoyed as a toy for bath play, and is a steady seller with constant demand throughout all four seasons. It is recommendable to buyers who are looking for an item of constant selling without critical influence by sale characteristics like weather or location.
TM Co., Ltd., a specialized toy maker founded in 2005, has its own logistics system, operates a toy retailer and franchise. Along with its overseas branch in Vietnam for distribution of toys animation-related products, the company is strengthening its position as a global company by developing new products and discovering new brands overseas. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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