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November 22, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1912C10] Delicious Green tea Jaksul that comes in a high-class paper tube package is packed in pyramid-shaped tea bags for carefully-chosen premium green tea leaves to draw well. As the contents in the transparent pyramid tea bag are clearly visible, the quality can be easily checked with the naked eye. As the pyramid tea bag is excellent in terms of penetrability, the drinker can experience the natural flavor of the tea. In addition, the bag is not torn apart, while containing more contents in comparison with other ordinary paper tea bags.
Green tea leaves with an amino acid level of over 3.0 are used for the unique green tea taste that only this company can create. Jaksul-graded young green tea leaves are used for the feeling of green tea’s true taste and flavor. Nokchawon Co., Ltd. as a company specialized in making tea products ranks 1st in the Korean organic product area and uses reliable raw materials from its own green tea farms in Sacheon and Boseon, Republic of Korea. Conveying the meaning that the shape of a tea leaf resembles a sparrow’s tongue, Jaksul uses young green tea leaves to provide a good taste and flavor. In addition, this product is highly recommended for women on a diet thanks to the catechin substance contained in green tea.

Organic Matcha is a finely-powdered green tea made out of organic young tea leaves grown in Korea to provide the vivid flavor and taste of tea leaves. As both finely-powdered water-soluble and insoluble substances are drawn into tea water, 100% of the green tea substances can be enjoyed. And, the convenience when drinking the product has been considered as the powdered green tea comes in a dedicated container.
Being made out of organically-grown young tea leaves with care, Organic Matcha is the highest-class powdered green tea with an excellent taste and flavor. As for powdered green tea, organically-grown tea products are better, as it can absorb 100% of the efficient ingredients green tea contains including not only the catechin, but also such insoluble substances as vitamin A, tocopherol, fiber and others and tea leaves are taken in as they are. Those suffering from high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis are advised to drink green tea instead of having coffee with much caffeine as the catechin substance of green tea has a good effect on a diet by helping break down fat. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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