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[INQ. NO. 1912C02] The leather goods manufactured by Pikagos use the highest level of leather produced by the world’s leading leather companies including Germany’s PERLINGER, France’s JULIAN, and Italy’s BANDALASSI CARLO.
The flagship products of Pikagos include Shell Clutch, Anemone Vex Mini, Window bag, Zig-Zag, Coast bag, and Fiori.
The manufacturing process of Shell Clutch represents the integrated technologies of Pikagos as a provider. Its patterns are organized into computer data after working with a combination of manual and computer modeling in the design and sample stages. Shell Clutch was modeled as a CAD program and obtained as a 2D pattern. The body was first made by placing multiple layers of reinforcement and leather on the 3D-printing mold and finally assembled by experts.
The Pico emblem attached to the front face of the bag body was completed manually by a skilled sculptor with the aid of 3D-scan and 3D-modelling, and then by a casting process, followed by laser carving and free nickel plating.

Metal decorations of Pikagos products are made of brass or zinc, depending on the design.
All the carvings of each logo used in the metal go through an individual laser imprinting process, rather than engraved casting.
Chains used in Shell Clutch are custom-made for Pikagos products and characterized by the luxuriously reflected light of angular polygons.
Chains are made of brass and plated 4 mills, which is the highest level of chain plating.
‘Space Pikagos’ is a representative product of the Alice’s Mirror series, which is from Pico, a subline of the Pikagos line, and will be newly launched for the 2020s.
The hexagonal silkscreen on the front of the body has derived its motif from Alice, who is traveling in time and space where the distinction of beginning and ending, up and down is ambiguous.
The Pikagos line, which resembles a flower pattern in-between, is mixed together in hexagonal lines to symbolize a new space.
Located at the center of the hexagonal space pattern, the Pikagos logo is a special 3D embroidery that holds the wick inside.
The top and side of the bag and the handle are made of high-end Italian natural leather.
In particular, as the side presents a beautiful shape with only skiving, you can feel the value of high-quality cow leather. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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