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November 22, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1912C32] Pureforet Shining Perfume Shampoo makes hair healthier by using patented ingredients to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth based on a newly developed herbal shampoo production method.
Instead of using inexpensive surfactants used by other shampoos currently available on the market, this shampoo is harmless enough to be used directly on a baby’s skin as it is biodegradable without leaving any residue on skin after shampooing thanks to its natural surfactants extracted from apples. It is a slightly acidic shampoo with a 5.5 pH that makes damaged hair elastic and sleek.

It contains rosemary leaf oil to reduce inflammation and dandruff on the scalp, nourishing hair to keep it healthy. Its silk amino acid keeps hair shiny, and Cedrus Atlantica oil prevents hair loss.
It is a nice shampoo that leaves a pleasant and lasting aroma, as reflected in its name, Perfume Shampoo. Consumers can choose from among four colors according to their hair/scalp types and favorite scents.
The product comes in handy when hair is weak and its ends are split when hair is not elastic and static electricity occurs frequently in the hair, when hair is damaged by frequent discoloration and dyeing, when the perm is curled quickly or when itching or other troubles occur as scalps are sensitive. It is recommended for those with weak hair or hair loss.
Ecocation Co., Ltd. started as an online shopping mall in 2007 and launched Pureforet, a natural cosmetics brand, in 2017. All its ingredients are developed and produced in its own laboratory using neither synthetic preservatives, nor any of the 26 allergens, and 20 harmful chemicals contraindicated in the manufacture of cosmetics. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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