Premium Bio Cellulose Mask

[INQ. NO. 1912C26] SKINUA Bio Cellulose Mask is the best natural, gentle and skin-friendly anti-aging solution developed by using biotechnology with fermenting coconut. It contains collagen peptides and adenosine, which are the main agents for fighting wrinkles and premature aging by keeping the skin moisturized and adding resilience to sagging skin.
The Bio Cellulose Mask has a 3D mesh structure with three different layers: vinyl, bio-cellulose, and non-woven fabric. It can hold ten times more fluids than normal felt or gel sheet masks, so that the skin can receive as many nutrients and supplements as possible.
It is a total care solution that is rich in effective ingredients such as proteins and peptides that help to revitalize exhausted skin cells and make the skin look lively, healthy and glowing.

With the company’s motto “A Company Pursuing Health and Beauty of Humankind,” Biopolytech Co., Ltd., since its foundation in 2004, has focused on the R&D of high value-added. It has devoted itself to meeting consumers’ needs based on a much higher level of technology in the field of biotechnology including food, cosmetics, agriculture, and medicines using natural materials such as chitosan, fish collagen, and low molecular agar.
Biopolytech Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures skincare products and natural beauty products based on high-value natural raw ingredients such as low-molecular fish collagen, and also offers customized consulting services for everything from product development (OEM/ODM) to product design. Biopolytech is currently exporting to Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan, as well as European countries such as Germany and Bulgaria.
The company holds numerous certifications from various countries, such as FDA (USA), CFDA (China), CPNP (EU), VFDA (Vietnam) and EAC (Eurasia), and is always prepared to export to countries around the world. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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