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November 22, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1912C33] SOFFKIN contains eco- friendly surface materials that allow you to enjoy the best relaxation on any piece of furniture. SOFFKIN has outstanding quality and production capabilities with its diversified grades and is recognized by overseas buyers as high-quality synthetic leather complete with practicality, functionality and design.
It is a premium product that lets you feel luxurious quality not found in other companies’ products, allowing various expressive methods such as elasticity, surface feel, and color schemes according to its use.
It is a hybrid of casting processing and vacuum embossing, offering superior quality compared to natural leather, as well as premium detailed embossing patterns, so it is differentiated from other materials, with better surface feel and soft cushioning to maximize the sense of quality, while reflecting the latest trends with fine cell foam thickness and lightened fabric weight through the accumulated foam expansion system.

It offers eco-friendliness that anyone of any age can trust based on long-term know-how in product development with consideration for safety and the environment with worldwide proven raw-materials. This top-class artificial leather upholstery is made by a company specializing in infant/child product manufacturing to be even safer and more eco-friendly.

I&S Co., Ltd., which is established in 2003, is a pioneering manufacturer of PVC casting leather for furniture, bag, automotive parts, and marine interiors. It strives for innovative technology and products with eco-friendly, high-functional materials and presents solutions, fulfilling the needs of customers through constant new product development and quality improvements.

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