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January 21, 2020


[INQ. NO. 2001C40] Colored zirconia ceramics, featuring timeless immortality and unchanging color, have been widely loved since the release of Chanel J12 collection in 2000. Still, it was considered to be impossible to materialize a technology to split one-body bicolor for ceramics. In 2013, Rorex made it possible by introducing GMT-MASTER II using one-body bicolor splitting.
Bicolor ceramics produced by Booil Technoliogy Co., Ltd. has succeeded in manifesting time into color images by developing and commercializing various colors and various splitting technologies by incorporating newer technologies.

Meta-Carbon is basically the same as Forged Carbon used by other manufacturers. Meta-Carbon produced by Booil Technology is extremely light and durable. From an aesthetic point of view, its marble-like pattern and the smooth surface texture are particularly exclusive. In addition, the irregular distribution of carbon fibers makes the pattern very unique. When the material is heated and compressed, a new pattern is formed, which is unpredictable.

Apart from that, many unique products are produced using precious metal yarns or color yarns.
Up to now, products with metallic luster and high scratch resistance have been made of cermet, which allows only gold and silver, the original colors of the raw materials. Besides, they have the disadvantage of causing skin allergies due to nickel used as a sintering additive.

Booil Technology has developed a new cermet composite material, namely Meta-Ceramic, which is human-friendly, has no allergic reaction, is light but has a strong surface resistance to scratches, and can realize new colors such as gray and brown.
Booil Technology’s meta-ceramic features not only scratch-resistant metallic luster, but also various surface patterns and two-color Bicolor techniques.
Booil Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures zirconia ceramic watch parts materializing various color patterns and surface patterns through sophisticated processing, and creatively expands the field of watch parts with various materials such as one body bicolor ceramic, carbon and cermet. The company also provides a one-stop process from material synthesis to processing and assembly, as well as supplying to luxury watchmakers in Switzerland.

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