Design Tableware

[INQ. NO. 2002C03] Fingeroo is a handle that can be used by the handicapped with a problem in holding or the elderly. This product has obtained both domestic and international patents with its recognized originality.
Designed for one-person households, Fingeroobowl, a functional handle bowl, has been developed to suit the demand of people in their twenties. This new-concept multi-purpose bowl can contain various foods and stably hold to eat foods.
Conventional handles have a limited application because they are not suitable for lifting containers with low height and wide entrance,

whereas Fingeroo’s five-way three-dimensional handle structure has the advantage that its function is more enhanced as the container is wider and heavier.
Designpang started in 2014 as a design agency and, from 2016, began a new challenge as a start-up developing design products for the hand to grab conveniently as a part of the Government-sponsored project. With the brand name Fingeroo, it provides conveniences hidden in the routine familiarity, while its products are used by more and more people with its universal designs. Its flagship products including Fingeroomug and Fingeroo bowl are actively expanding into both domestic and overseas market. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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