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Huangchil Tea & Medicine | Korean Products

[INQ. NO. 2002C02] JejuHuangchilLeaf Tea is a tea product with enhanced flavor as leaves of dendropanax morbifera grown in Jeju are roasted six times. One tea bag will be enough for a 400cc tumbler.
JejuHuangchilLeaf Powder is a fine powder product made out of dendropanax morbifera leaves ground into 200-mesh size. By utilizing a processing method of suppressing browning reaction during the dehydration process, the natural color of the ingredient is preserved (for three months).
JejuHuangchil Dry keeps the natural color by suppressing browning

reaction during the dehydration thanks to the company’s unique technology. A kettle or a household decocter could be used to enjoy this product.
According to records in ancient documents and clinical tests, the product is known to have medical efficacy for diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis.
SUCHANG Inc. produces safe food based on clean Jeju ingredients in its facilities at Jeju Technopark Bio Convergence Center. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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