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[INQ. NO. 2002C05] OU Baby Bottle can also be used as a food container, a milk bottle, a kitchen container, etc. for babies as well as baby bottle.
BPA-free and BPS-free, this is a safe, environmentally-friendly product that has acquired certifications such as LFGB (Germany), been approved by FDA (USA) and Korea Construction Living Environment Test (KCL), and passed a safety test for children’s products.
In addition, its simple and refined design enhances the quality of life for babies and mothers. Above all, the ergonomic body line enhances the usability of the product with excellent grip and safety.

DAYMOON is a household goods manufacturer founded in 2016. The company’s philosophy is to provide emotional satisfaction to owning a product by using the appropriate technologies and concepts. In 2019, the company launched the baby care brand OU, and is currently looking for a partner to cooperate to expand into the overseas market with its eco-friendly multi-purpose bottle. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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