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March 5, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2002C28] LIKU Edu Mat has been developed by language- and child- education experts, which is equipped with 3,000 learning contents in six languages.
By using LIKU Sound Pen, it scans invisible microdot on the surface of the mat with Using PVC form only, and even more importantly it has no danger of electromagnetic wave exposure to kids. It ensures that children up to seven years old who are in the critical period for language learning listen to mother tongue and foreign languages often, affecting non-declarative memory and helping them learn foreign languages in the same way that people remember how to

ride a bicycle after they have learned to do so during childhood. This safe mat meets KC (Korea Certification) standards, and was awarded Best of the Fair at the Hong Kong Baby Products Fair 2019, plus winning a triple crown at the Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition 2019.
LIKU Design Mat protects a child from trips and falls, brings peace and quiet to the neighbors downstairs, and can be used for the mother’s yoga exercises. This product can be used for just about any indoor space. The new-concept design of children’s drawing style, is different from other typical kids mat designs existing in the market. Developed by a designer from New York, it is well-matched with any interior with its simple design and flat style for increasing concentration unlike other competitors with colors that are too intensive to focus on play. Established in 2017, Madebymom Inc. is a young start-up company specializing in producing play mats and educational play mats. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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