IoT Development Tools

[INQ. NO. 2004C01] Asomekit is an Internet of Things (IoT) kit equipped with various sensors. It allows customers to acquire various basic knowledge related to science such as semiconductors, frequencies, conductors, and current, and develop the ability to apply them through simulation. Once becoming used to the function of one sensor, the user can utilize it in a variety of applications, and can actualize one’s ideas by using it as a game console and anti-theft device through multiple sensors.
AsomeCode is a coding platform developed by AsomeIT, and is a program applicable for teaching textbooks, video lectures, and coding

practices. When the AsomeIT educational game is connected to a PC, AsomeCode is executed, offering a pleasant experience of manipulating the game with coding. Since even those who are not familiar with computers can easily use it just by clicking, even a beginner can learn coding easily.
Founded in 2013, Blue Communication has been engaged in planning and publishing of IT-related books, producing IT- and SW-related contents, as well as developing coding education curricula and teaching aids via Physical Computing. It is a special educational platform that anyone including students, teachers, and parents, who experience software coding as something difficult and complex can easily learn and teach, while it allows cultivating creativity and logical thinking through coding. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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