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April 22, 2020


[INQ. NO. 2004C05] As the COVID-19 virus is endangering the whole world, Huangjisoo is a hand sanitizer containing 62% ethanol that offers a good solution for personal hygiene. It needs no washing, water, or soap, and can be conveniently used anytime, anywhere. Made in transparent gel type, it dries quickly without stickiness. Despite the high content of ethanol content, it contains sterilizing and antibacterial and moisturizing ingredients, preventing the hands from drying after use. Containing no separate fragrance, it does not give an unpleasant feeling even by using it multiple times.
Huangjisoo comes in 30ml mini size and 500ml large size. Capable of removing 99.9% bacteria, it has been certified by the FDA and CPNP and has been approved by a sterilization test. It is considered safe for the human body through the use of 91% organic and vegan ingredients and is suitable for all ages.

Newfeel Co., Ltd., established in 2011, contains only organic natural plant-based ingredients without any harmful ingredients. In addition, the company provides pure and effective skincare to customers by producing only pure and exquisite products through its exclusive knowledge, and innovative technologies accumulated through long research by using natural ingredients.

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