Eyelash Extension Devices


[INQ. NO. 2004C07] WinkMagic is a new eyelash extension device. Using pre-bonded extension eyelash, WinkMagic makes eyelash extension safe, easy and even, within just ten minutes. WinkMagic was cited as a premium product of the Bologna Cosmoprof Show 2019. Visitors to the show agreed that WinkMagic will contribute to providing a new horizon in eyelash extensions.
ExtendMagic makes a nano-graft extension for hair loss, thinning hair, and male alopecia, and adds a new paradigm to the hair industry. ExtendMagic enjoys high popularity as one of the top three brands in

the global market. The device is used in 25 countries in the global market, including the USA, Canada, Japan, the UK, Germany, Russia, and Brazil.
BraidMagic, a unique, patented hair braider, braids 0.1mm~ 1cm hair, and TwistMagic, an automatic hair twisting machine, twists up to four strands of hair.

QuadU Co., Ltd. produces various eyelash extension devices including ExtendMagic, BraidMagic, TwistMagic, and T&BMagic, which are patented, using a one of a kind machine. ExtendMagic is a nano extension machine for thinning hair, hair loss and male alopecia. BraidMagic is an automatic hair braiding machine. TwistMagic is a multi-strand hair twisting machine. T&BMagic is a combo name of BraidMagic and TwistMagic.

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