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Nail clippers & Callus Removers | Korean Products

April 29, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2004C10] The Nail clipper NC series is a 3D-arched nail clipper produced in a curved shape to reduce the stress of nails and to cut the nails smoothly. The patented 360-degree rotating blade makes it a new concept rotating nail clipper that prevents the arms and wrists from twisting or pulling muscles. Made of an engineering plastic material that is harmless to the human body, the high-strength stainless steel blade is hygienic and is safe to use and washable, while having no harmful bacteria caused by rust.
The Callus Remover FC series can safely and easily remove calluses on the skin with a fine cutting edge, unlike conventional callus removers.

It is equipped with an elliptical fine cutting edge that can effectively remove dead skin cells by concentrating the force on the particular contact surface. Sharp but thin, it easily cuts like a plane, making it very safe to use and without effort.
MEDIF Co., Ltd. has been developing, designing, and producing body care products since 1997. The company is exporting its products to the USA, Japan, Europe, etc. BOCAS strives to develop new products and continues to improve the quality and designs with its outstanding products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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