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Facial Cleanser & Toner | Korean Products

June 4, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2005C18] Steam Melon Gentle Wash contains 4.5% cantaloupe melon water extracted by a natural steam evaporation method using not chemical but eco-friendly substances so that the skin is still moist after the face is washed. This product is dermatologist tested and has 93% naturally originated components.
Steam Melon Gentle Toner contains cantaloupe melon water up to 70% instead of water, and has an exceptionally high moisture content compared with other toners. Furthermore, its Steam Melon Gentle Toner is a mild toner having been proven to have no irritation through dermatologist testing and is greatly applicable as a multipurpose toner that may be utilized as a moisture pack by being dipped in sheet mask for 60 seconds.

EASTTHEORY Inc. launched METRONOME in 2017, a cosmetics product for cleansing, without using any controversial or unapproved ingredients and animal ingredients. METRONOME was awarded the Grand Prize by NCSI (National Customers Satisfaction Index). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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