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June 22, 2020


[INQ. NO. 2006C01] BF Synthetic Mink Lash is a natural-looking eyelash extension-type product. A variety of trays are designed to provide different curls. BF Flat Lash leaves not even a single space between lashes and it produces deeper and plentiful lashes.
Double Layer Volume Lashes comes in two different curls mixed in one row, and are perfect for creating dramatic-looking fans. Each row has two different curls giving lashes a fluffy, dramatic look.
BF 3D and 5D lashes that have bloomed like a flower. It is the BF 5D lash that has dramatic volume.
BF Easy fanning lash is an easy-to-make fan, taking just one second, so users can save time for volume lash extensions. Beginners also can use it easily.

BF Zero fixer is the fastest and strongest glue in the range, with lower viscosity, and superior quick drying time compared to existing glues. It can be dried within 0.5 to one second. It is perfect for volume lash extension. It is recommended for professional use only.
BF1 is the manufacture’s best seller and standard fixer. Suitable for volume lashes and one-by-one extensions, it is also suitable for professional users. It dries very fast and has maximum bonding life of more than five to six weeks.
Beauty Farmers Eyelash Lift Lamination is a very popular choice for an optimal eyelash perm.
Eyelash Perm is a semi-permanent beauty procedure that creates a flipped up curl in natural eyelashes. Eyelash perming seems like a miracle, as it can make natural lashes look perfectly curled. Getting a lash perm is a great idea for people with straight lashes, or those who frequently use eyelash curlers and false lashes.

Beauty Farmers is a professional OEM and ODM eyelash extension & lash lift lamination manufacturer in South Korea since 2009. The company is a high-quality manufacturer and exporter of eyelash extension products, offering the best-quality products at highly competitive prices.
The company supplies eyelash glues, eyelashes (mink, silk, flat, color, volume, camellia, double layer lashes), removers, tweezers, lash lift lamination products, and other accessories. Beauty Farmers is committed to customers’ satisfaction and quality improvement through continuous development.

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