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July 3, 2020


[INQ. NO. 2006C18] The main role of the skin is to protect the body by preventing dust and debris from entering. Therefore, most of the cosmetics products applied on the skin cannot pass through the stratum corneum, so it is difficult to deliver ingredients into the skin. For that reason, treatment such as botox and filler are popular, but there are accompanying risks of pain and side effects.
Hundreds of microneedle arrays made from biodegradable polymers easily pass through the stratum corneum of the skin without causing any pain and can be absorbed directly into the skin. Each needle

absorbed into the skin is made of certified safe ingredients, and has excellent effects on skin improvement, moisturization, wrinkle care and elasticity enhancement.
Made by using a breakthrough 3rd-generation hybrid production method it overcomes the shortcomings of the existing 1st- and 2nd-generation products, further strengthen the performance, and the size and ergonomic design – about 1.9 times larger than other companies’ products. It can be attached anywhere requiring wrinkle improvement. FillMe Micro Needle Patch has passed a hazardous substance test and clinical trials and has obtained FDA-OTC certification for safe use.
JYS-TECH is a specialty film equipped with the best technology and expertise as well as domestic and foreign patents. In line with the changing era, the company has been seeking to showcase products with innovative and differentiated quality including microneedle patch using the exclusive micro-unit super-precision mold technology. Currently, it exports to China, Vietnam, and Iran.

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