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July 9, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2006C30] Beauty Point Heating Mask is a new-concept product that helps prevent wrinkles, tones up the skin, and provides skin elasticity by attaching a natural heating patch on a soothing mask with excellent moisturization and antioxidant effects.
Beauty Point Heating Mask was given a 2019 Seoul Award as an innovative product for its unique concept and technology. In addition, it received the Victoire de la Beaute, an annual award that is presented to innovative cosmetic and personal care products from all over the world.

The Soothing Mask intensively cares for disordered skin conditions with intensive moisture and nutrient supply, making the skin look fresh and elastic. Secondly, the Heating Point Patch can be applied on the Soothing Mask to warm the acupuncture points on the face to help moisturize and elasticize the skin. Containing natural volcanic soil from Jeju Island in Korea, this new- concept product generates infrared rays, germanium, and an ion to bring health as well as beauty.
And, the hydrogel moisture mask moisturizes the skin, which is followed by the Real Heating Eye Mask raising the skin temperature as high as body temperature to increase the absorption rate of active ingredients, thereby providing moisture, nutrition, vitality, and elasticity around the eyes to make the skin bright and vibrant.

The nutrients of Real Heating Eye Mask are absorbed deep into the skin. The heat from the Real Heating Eye Mask promotes collagen synthesis, thereby improving skin elasticity and encouraging sebum discharge, which makes waste discharge smooth.
SKINDAUM was founded in 2012 and developed a heating mask pack with excellent absorption while reducing the loss rate of mask packs and cosmetics. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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