Functional Products for Women

[INQ. NO. 2008C02] Mamilon is a disposable breast pad for breast-feeding babies. It helps to give the mothers milk to the baby more safe, comfortable and clean. This soft amd natural product in 3D shape absorbs the mother’s milk more quickly. General nonwoven, Cotton, Tencel, Bamboo materials can be used in the Top cover.
Eonjena is a sanitary napkin with an excellent absorption ability. Equipped with soft cotton cover, this ultra-slim type, thin pad features a unique embossing pattern design.
Sungwon T&G Co., Ltd. was established in January, 2005. It has been supplying many kinds of fiber raw materials and nonwoven fabrics both domestically and worldwide.
The company is also the only disposable breast pads manufacturer and one of the sanitary napkin manufacturer in Korea. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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