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August 25, 2020


[INQ. NO. 2008C05] When a pregnant woman wears tight underwear or ones in the wrong size, it interferes with her physical balance, affecting body shape and reducing breastfeeding success rate. It is thus essential that a pregnant woman should wear underwear that fits her body very well, since wearing underwear that is too tight for her body can cause indigestion, thus requiring the purchase of an additional extension hook, and causes the body shape to change unfavorably.

Mom’s day features subtle gloss colors and creates luxurious and beautiful chest lines. Having no-wire or no-lace, it minimizes problems for sensitive skin, providing soft and comfortable textures. Made by using natural materials, it is also light and wearable.Mom’s day can be used as a brassiere during pregnancy, and as a nursing bra. The Y-type opening and closing system and a one-touch detachable feeding ring ensure a comfortable feeding.
It comprises mesh and material used for vent holes to provide excellent breathability and fit. In addition, all Mom’s day products use materials that are not harmful to pregnant women.
M&B Co., Ltd., a specialized underwear manufacturer for pregnant women, has been loved by mothers for Mom’s day, its underwear brand developed not only for the benefit of mothers but also of their children. Based on six principles — body shape correction, skin protection, body temperature maintenance, body shape correction, restrained expressions, and convenience in breastfeeding — the company is developing products suitable for body types from pregnancy to childbirth.
Currently, Mom’s day is available in famous shopping malls and exported worldwide, and has entered into sales agreements with 200 offline distributors and 50 online shopping channels in Korea.

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