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[INQ. NO. 2008C16] Established in January 1995, Onggojib Agricultural Association Corporation started developing its own soybean paste with squash and barley, in cooperation with the food and nutrients department of Gunsan University. The company prides itself in making the best food by sticking with the traditional ways of making fermented pastes and using 100% domestic material through its own crop team and contracts.
In the past years, Onggojib has been able to register a couple of patents under its name and secured Quality Management System certification (ISO 9001:2000). It even won an award from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2001. Like tastes becoming more mature and fermented through nature and time, Onggojib seeks to become a company that represents Korea’s fermented pastes by making the best quality food and respecting customers with its honest products.

Promoting Health with Honest and Traditional Food

Fermented soybean paste with squash and barley undergoes fermentation for two years through scientific and objective tests at a hygienic HACCP facility. Squash and barley powder that the company grows and makes get added to traditional fermented soybean paste made with 100% domestic agricultural products. They are stored in traditional pots for clean air and enough sunshine.

Traditional red pepper paste gold is excellent with its taste and scent as it is made in traditional ways by consistently maintaining temperature, humidity and fermentation through all the processes at hygienic and inspected facilities. By ensuring optimal conditions for fermentation, the red pepper paste is tasty and fresh with domestic red pepper powder, fermented soybean lump powder, and malt.

Fish soy sauce is rich in amino acid and savor as traditional soy sauce fermented for more than five years gets mixed with anchovy sauce fermented for more than two years. It contains no chemical additives. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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