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August 27, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2008C39] VEILISH, a removable curtain that can be printed in various desired designs, requires no more use of plastic film for covering windows. Consisting of three colors — White, Rose Gray, and Black — VEILISH is an excellent alternative in the PVC window deco market with its high-quality, eco-friendly fabric materials.
Unlike the existing PVC wallpapers that are embossed imitations of the fabric textures, this curtain adheres to the wall, offering unique warmth and naturalness of the material.
Since it can be easily attached and detached by non-professionals, this product ensures excellent construction convenience for the user and a variety of expressions. Since it does not damage the glass, users can freely design with it wherever they wish.

Currently, it is supplied to Infinity Media in the USA, Sentec International in Europe, Stick on Signs in Australia, and Nitie in Japan.
While other counterparts’ products emit toxic substances such as PVC-vinyl (formaldehyde, phthalate), VEILISH uses an eco-friendly fabric to provide a high-end texture of fabric rather than plastic, and can be printed in designs of a wide variety.
Also, in the case of other products, when the film is peeled off, the adhesive remains on the surface, VEILISH leaves no sticking residue by using a special removable method.
VEILISH can be easily installed by non-professionals without the help of experts, enabling them to design a space in a DIY way. It offers high-quality window deco at a reasonable price through its own distribution network and designs. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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