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August 28, 2020


[INQ. NO. 2008C20] Made using environmentally friendly raw materials, FEELWELLTEX has won the FTA Origin Management Enterprise Prize. In order to minimize the defect rate, the entire production of FEELWELLTEX is under strict monitoring. It is supplied to a number of international brands and distributors, including Next, Divine Apparel, Natory, Forever21, Macy’s, Judy’s, DKNY, and Reply. The main markets of FEELWELLTEX include the USA, Europe, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc.
FEELWELLTEX specializes in the development of textile technologies and producing innovative high-quality textile products such as antifouling fabrics, mothproofing fabrics, and water repellent fabrics, sports performance fabrics including stretched and brushed fabrics, compression and functional fabrics, and net . The company also produces various kinds of fancy knits for high-twisted poly suits and dresses, silky polyester blouses, span mixed or rayon blended fabrics, and fancy knits.

Based on its hands-on experience and constant endeavors to reflect the up to date fabric trends, FEELWELLTEX manufactures 100% Polyester woven fabric, Polyester or special blends of Rayon and Linen with Spandex, fancy knit, and fabrics for blouses, dresses, jackets, pants, and athleisure (active wear).
The company is one of the leaders in the global top-tier fashion fabric market, expanding into new markets and advancing toward the fast fashion environment. FEELWELLTEX develops more than 100 products annually and participates in various domestic and international exhibitions and promotes new products.
In 2019, Feelwelltex established a textile and fashion sales office in Hanoi, Vietnam, to expand its business to the Southeast Asian market, particularly targeting Vietnam.
The company is also functioning as a branch of the Daegu Gyeonbuk Textile Industries Association(DGTIA), while focusing on promoting Korean textile products worldwide.

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