Tea Ware & Flower Vase


[INQ. NO. 2008C22] Gwoi Dan Ceramic also has an advantage of not affecting the unique tea taste by adding pollution-free natural glaze to good quality kaolin material. The teapot, a so-called Daho,’ is used to brew tea, using a different tube (Daho) for each type of tea to feel the unique taste of each tea type. ‘Dawan’ is a bowl used in drinking powder type tea, and it represent the natural color as it is. Recently, the company has participated in tea conventions to advance into the Chinese market.
Gwoi Dan Ceramic is a ceramic manufacturer that started its

traditional firewood kiln in 2008. Its main ceramic products are tea services (teaware, teacup, teapot, canister, crock, flower vase, etc.). The products of this company are focused on utensils required for tea services (teapot, teacup, tea jar, and flower vase), and produced usually using traditional firewood kiln and kaolin to maximize the natural flavor of tea.
This company produces tea bowls pursuing a feeling of blandness and simplicity that can contain the tea’s natural tranquility. Other than functional necessity, there is no superfluous skill. The soil is collected, purified and matured directly to raise tea taste and flavor.
For the glaze, only natural objects are used like feldspar, kaolin, red clay, and pine wood. The company tries to get self-coloring through 1300˚C of high calcination in a traditional kiln using pine woods only.
In principle, Gwoi Dan Ceramic pursues good tea sets, not just pretty tea sets.

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