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September 1, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2008C24] MEDIF is a toothpaste designed for those with sensitive teeth and gum disease. The color of the toothpaste is black and made by using 99% beaten silver. This natural toothpaste is patented for its gum disease control and propolis. It contains patented Acaiberry extract, tar coloring, minerals, and fluorine.
This product is made using no chemical ingredients including Paraben, Triclosan, CMIT, MIT, SLS, artificial fragrance, sodium benzoate, or animal harmful ingredients. As a typical synthetic preservative, it is prohibited to add five kinds of parabens to food since 2008 because it can cause breast cancer when accumulating in the body.

Triclosan is used as an antimicrobial for toothpaste, but at cumulative exposure, in consideration of its potentially harmful effects, its use has been restricted as from 2016. CMIT, MIT is also known as a humidifier disinfectant ingredient and its use as a preservative in toothpaste is prohibited in Korea. As a surfactant widely used in daily supplies, SLS is irritating to skin cells and has side effects such as edema or mouth odor.
Artificial fragrance takes a long time to be discharged from the body and there are side effects such as headache, dizziness and nausea. Tar color is a synthetic coloring agent used for coloring, and it is controversial as a possible cause of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). As a preservative widely used worldwide, sodium benzoate is a serious hazard component related to carcinogenesis, skin diseases, etc.
The mineral is oil made by refining petroleum. It may cause serious irritation to skin and impurities. As a synthetic sweetener, Saccharin provides strong sweetness of 300-500 times more than sugar. There is much controversy whether it is a carcinogen. Fluorine is a component that prevents dental cavities; however, teeth may become stained and side effects such as vomiting and abdominal pain may occur.
Medif Co., Ltd. was established as a single-corporation creation company with the support of the Small and Medium Business Administration KOREA. It has been certified by KFDA in 2017, FDA in May 2018, and GB TEST in 2018, and selected as an export enterprise company Korea in 2017 and 2018. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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