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September 3, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2008C28] Collagen makes up 75% of the skin and 90% of dermal cortical substance and helps to keep moisture in the skin and control its resilience. However, as the amount of collagen being produced by itself as one advances in age decreases gradually, collagen is one of the elements that must be taken care of.
ILOJE Frozen Time Collagen Patch & Mask improves skin condition through double-care by applying a mask pack for supplying nourishment on top of a collagen patch and thus caring for the problematic part of the skin. It is a kind of layering concept and it can

maximize the effect by layering products with various active ingredients suitable for each type of skin Patch (step 1: Place the patch around the troublesome area. Mask, step 2: Place the mask to cover the entire face).
YoungMediface is a mask pack made from natural ingredients that can be selected for each skin type and for different purposes. It provides moisture replenishment and soothing effects to tired and undernourished skin to maintain a clean and clean skin, making it a highly cost-effective product. Composed of six items, YoungMediface, contains natural ingredients, such as snail mucus that helps to rejuvenate and brighten the skin, aloe that helps to improve the skin, green tea ingredients containing collagen that makes the skin healthy and clear, and the essence containing sea weeds and pomegranate extract, which restores skin health by providing moisture and elasticity to troubled skin.
The YoungMediface mask pack is made by using natural extracts, which are natural preservatives, to minimize skin irritation and allow users to experience amazing changes on their skin before and after application and changes in skin moisture and shine.
For another YoungMediface item, sheet mask pack, containing rich essence, offers a clean feeling when removed from the face.
CUPRA Sheet provides enhancement of skin conditions with five different mask packs: Firming Mask, Vitality Mask, Brightening Mask, Moisturizing Mask, and Repairing Mask.
Layering five kinds of mask pack on top of the collagen patch allows you to resolve your skin problems, and recover the skin condition even more quickly and effectively.

HONG BO Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and distributor of sheet masks. Providing the best products created by innovative technology and R&D we are introducing effective products at reasonable prices in the Southeast Asia region and other global markets, already having started with the CIS countries. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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