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September 22, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2009C25] Nai-B is a 250g ultra-light product to simply unfold and replace baby diapers with one hand only, anytime and anywhere. It is made of nontoxic PVC, and blocks chilly air coming up from the floor because PE form is added on the space where a baby lies.
The air injected along the exterior shape forms a low fence ensures excellent protection of the baby from falling. Air injection is easy with a hand pump or by mouth, and outdoor use is also possible as it is foldable for storage. Its material characteristics allow easy washing with wet tissue or running water to remove contaminants, and there is no need to worry about propagation of bacteria.

The waterproof cover included in the package is in the shape of a bear’s face, the mascot of Nai-B, and can be foldable into a small size for convenient carrying. The Nai-B diaper replacing mat is a KC-acquired safe product, usable with an easy conscience.
Nai-B is exported to the USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand, while increasing its brand recognition with its designs and colors.

Winnie Connie Co., Ltd., a comprehensive leisure and sporting goods manufacturer, has accumulated more than 45 years of technology and experience since its founding in 1972. The headquarters in Busan, Republic of Korea, along with its plant in China mainly produces water-based supplies based on welding processes, while its plant in Paju, Republic of Korea, produces safety/protection products such as buoyancy aids. Equipped with a one-stop production line with a number of patents and technologies, Winnie Connie is gaining credibility by shortening production time and improving product quality. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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