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[INQ. NO. 2009C24] There is no remaining alcohol in Unibee Propolis Spray, but all products were produced according to the water-soluble propolis manufacturing method that does not use any emulsifier or chemical additive at all. Therefore, the taste and flavor are so soft that even children, the elderly and weak, and even patients can consume it with an easy conscience.
The product has two types: the pipette type to mix with water or drink, and the potable spray type to spray directly into the mouth anytime and anywhere.
Unibee Propolis is a health-functional food with antibacterial, antioxidant, and immunity-boosting effects. It is an unrivaled and creative product in that no chemical substances harmful to the human body are used in the production process, rather than simply being an ‘alcohol-free’ product without alcohol residues or an easily water-soluble product.

Children may safely consume it by mixing in water, drink, milk, or yogurt, while adults may mix it in hot green tea according to their taste.
It is produced by a technology that has obtained six patents related to propolis extract, has been certified as a new technology by the Food Agriculture Forestry (NET), and has acquired certifications including GMP for health-functional foods, HACCP, ISO9001, and ISO22000.
Unique Biotech Co., Ltd. is a bio-venture company that specializes in R&D and manufacture of Propolis, a natural antibiotic with excellent antibacterial and antioxidant efficacy. Hold eight patents on propolis extract, it has developed a technology for producing water-soluble propolis without using any alcohol, emulsifi er, or chemical compatibility additive. Unique Biotech also developed the technology of producing water-soluble propolis spoons, water-soluble propolis sprays and toothpastes, producing water-soluble propolis raw materials that can be used as food, cosmetics, household products, and feed additive and supplying them to domestic and overseas markets. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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