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September 22, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2009C21] Sensor-B, a smart toothbrush developed in the era of AI, discharges toothpaste in the handle according to the movement of the bristles of the toothbrush head to spread the paste evenly on the teeth, works without spoiling the toothpaste, prevents damage caused by strong cleaning and chemical reactions of toothpaste, and optimizes the medical action of toothpaste for effective teeth brushing.
The toothpaste discharge nozzle combined with cutting-edge sensing technique detects the toothbrushing parts of the teeth and the step of brushing to discharge and spread the required amount of toothpaste on the required process selectively. Because toothpaste is discharged and spread simultaneously on the teeth, it can act on the teeth directly without change in various pharmacological substances and optimizes medical effects in the toothpaste during toothbrushing so that users can brush their teeth effectively with a small amount of toothpaste.
It prevents damage caused by misuse or overuse of toothpaste and charges toothpaste in the handle for hygienic individual use instead of sharing toothpaste. This product is developed for the most effective use of toothpaste, and is suitable for the AI ages.

Moreover, it allows anybody to perform toothbrushing conveniently anywhere and anytime without the inconvenience of squeezing toothpaste onto a toothbrush, and it is an environmentally friendly product that can be used semi-permanently by replacing the head only.
The core technology of this product is PPI (pulsatory injection) method nanotechnology that applies toothpaste selectively by separating teeth from oral mucous (skin) to control the usage and the discharge amount of toothpaste by itself according to brushing parts of the teeth and brushing step of tooth brushing and patented in the United States and China.
Established in 2000, apoL Inc. has contributed to human oral health by developing world-class oral care products and smart toothbrushes for the AI age based on 30 years of toothbrush manufacturing experience and expertise of 11 partner companies. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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