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September 25, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2009C33] THESERA L uses 99% natural thread, rather than PDO synthetic thread. It causes no pain or side effects and allows people to live normally without any downtime, since it causes the natural thread to be absorbed without any needle.
Users can enjoy immediate and long-term effects with just one procedure through the 5-step management process developed by a group of professional researchers. The tests conducted by officially recognized testing institutions proved that THESERA L provides not only lifting effect, but also various other effects, such as reduction of pores and improvement of volume and elasticity.

This product used by some 1,000 shops in Korea is registered as a cosmetics product in Asian countries, including China, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia, and registered with the European CPNP.
THESERA L with excellent effect and stability is a globally proven product that is exported to 28 countries . Seven proven medical ingredients and two patented processes are applied to 7.2 Revital Cell ampule to overcome the limitations of other general cosmetics in terms of absorption, and allow it to be absorbed faster and deeper than other general cosmetics.
It is a mild cosmetics product without any artificial scent or coloring that irritate the skin and its entire ingredients satisfy EWG class 1 requirements. Its soft pink form manufactured according to a special absorption process makes it seep into the skin quickly and deeply to turn brittle and dull skin soft and clear. By using 7.2 Revital Cell Ampule at home for home care after undergoing the THESERA L procedure, one can experience the synergy effect of THESERA L lasting longer.
MR Innovation Co., Ltd. manufactures cosmeceutical products that combine mechanisms proven by the hospital procedures and safety of general cosmetics products.
Its flagship brand, THESERA L, is created based on the TDN technology developed by MR Innovation’s researchers, which causes effective ingredients in double capsules to be absorbed more and deeper by the skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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