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September 25, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2009C40] Yangmadam eco bag is a 22×21 sized mini shoulder bag made purely of cotton. It can be easily carried when ladies go out and enables one to practically store one’s belongings because its side pocket and inner pocket are separated.
You can detach the shoulder strap and carry the bag, or leave the shoulder strap to use it as a shoulder bag. It is a character design bag that shows a unique female character in her menopause. There are various other Yangmadam products other than the eco bag, including a pouch, mochi cushion, lap blanket, etc.

‘SING SONG Band stationery products consist of four mini notes in pastel color that come in four designs that represent free daily life of the SING SONG Band characters. They come in pink, blue, gray and yellow. They do not get wet or tear easily, and retain vivid color and excellent adhesiveness, while they do not leave any mark when removed.
There are various other stationary products, such as a pencil pouch, cute and differentiated character design memo pads, etc., which are soon to be exported.

Toto Company, founded in 2014, has developed creative character contents and produces various contents, video, webtoon and character merchandises using its characters. This company is actively exporting its products to China and the USA, and is negotiating an export and licensing agreement with Nankang Company of Hong Kong this year.
In addition, Toto Company plans to export its products to the USA by setting up a branch office in the Silicon Valley. With the help of KOTRA offices in China and the USA H, Toto Company is actively exporting its products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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