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September 28, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2009C44] Neo Mucosal Activator is a product for ulcers and inflammation inside mouth. This product removes, Viruses, germs, etc.
Neo Mucosal Activator and Eco Shield (a nasal cavity spray by Daeun Medical) help manage personal hygiene and protect personal health in the time of Corona Virus that is mainly spread through respiratory organs.
Neo Skin-D is a scar-care product. It is made of natural material and does not use silicone. It can care for scars without any side effects immediately after surgery. This product is targeted for post-surgery scars, and especially cesarean-section scars.

These products come in the form of gel or spray, and can be used for large scars. They can be easily used when there is a wound or inflammation in the oral or nasal cavity.
Daeun Medical, founded in Korea in 2010 develops and manufactures 100% natural wound care product with its own technology.
Neo Dermal Activator is a product designed to heal skin wounds such as burns, surgical wounds, diabetic scars, etc. and used mainly after orthopedics surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and OBGYN surgery.
The medical equipment of this company is FDA-approved and has obtained the CE certificate in August 2020. Morover, Daeun Medical received the first Halal Certificate for medical equipment for the first time in Korea in November 2019, which confirmed the safety of its products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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