Coating Agent

[INQ. NO. 2010C17] YECOA coating boasts excellent rust-resistance, clear color, even spray force, strong adhesive power, and strong heat-resistance. It has been proven that YECOA coating can be used without any problems in the high temperatures and humidity of Southeast Asia.
YECOA is developing a range of rust preventative oils showing the highest efficiency, assuming that they will be used under the worst conditions in the fields of various industries, such as high temperature, high humidity, and high level of foreign substances.
YECOA’s products for non-destructive testing allow users to quickly and precisely locate any cracks in the metal materials welded in the field with their stronger penetration and faster drying speed. YECOA started to promote and sell its products for non-destructive testing in the Southeast Asian market since 2019.

YECOA lacquer paint spray is the company’s flagship product, which dries fast and presents high gloss. YECOA lacquer paint spray has been in the Korean market for more than 20 years, and when compared to its competitors from other companies, it is much easier to use and offers excellent working properties, so it can be used even under extreme climatic environments, such as in Russia.
Founded in 1968, YOUNG IL Co., Ltd. produces cleaning agents, coatings, lubricants, lacquer paint sprays, chemicals for non-destructive testing, release agents, and chemical sprays for welding. Its own brand, YECOA, is composed of chemical products that can be used in industrial areas such as shipbuilding, construction, machinery, automobiles, power plants, etc., mainly focusing on industrial aerosol spray.
Since exporting to the Russian and Southeast Asian markets, it is gradually expanding its business area. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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