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[INQ. NO. 2010C19] Unlike other mask packs that simply deliver the essence to reinforce moisture for a short while, Derm all Matrix maintains and balances moisture in the skin. It prevents drying for sufficient hours so that the absorbed essence can fully penetrate the dermal layer and maintain moisture in the skin.
Derm all Matrix Facial Dermal-care Mask is an overnight pack that maintains moisture in the skin even during sleep, by its amazing effect of the extracellular material (ECM) that resembles the skin tissue and its moisture delivery control technology that maintains moisture hour after hour.

It uses ECM (the collagen extract) and essence as its main ingredients to keep the skin moist and enhances the moisture balance.
Eye zone Dermal-care Mask is a mask exclusively for the eye rim for bright and firm skin around the eyes, created by the amazing effect of the ECM sheet that resembles skin tissue and its moisture delivery control technology. It uses ECM (the collagen extract) and essence as its main ingredients.

Neck Dermal-care Mask is a mask exclusively for the neck, which makes the skin in the neck firm. It is created by the moisture delivery control technology of the ECM sheet.
Epidermal Detoxifying Mask is a jelly sheet that strongly absorbs the substances remaining after the face wash, as well as fine dust so that the nutrients will be fully absorbed. It soothes and fully moisturizes sensitive skin and improves the skin by creating a bright tone-up effect. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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