Vertical Blind Combined with Curtain

[INQ. NO. 2010C14] Anna-Ripple is an innovative product that has the soft volume of curtains and the convenient functions of vertical blinds with only one width of fabric.
Generally, the curtains have an inner layer and an outer layer. and they are used by pushing them to their respective sides or bringing them together to the center.
Anna-Ripple is a product that combines mesh curtain and vertical blind. Unlike the conventional curtain, it can be easily opened and closed and the amount of penetrating light can be controlled by using a handle.

Also, it is difficult to custom-make the ordinary curtain to the size of the location to be used, as the size of an ordinary curtain is standardized. However, Anna-Ripple is custom-made to the size of the location to be used, so the fabric is relatively light and can be easily washed.
Anna-Ripple can be manufactured by combining different designs and colors according to the preferences of the customers and can better satisfy the customers’ desires for differentiated interior decoration, which the conventional curtains mass-produced from factories cannot provide.
Anna-Ripple presents neatly organized beauty and a comfortable atmosphere with its regularly and smoothly connected U-shaped curved surface.
Currently, export contracts are under way to Australia, the United States, and Vietnam.
POIEMA is a Korean company developing and producing window covering products such as vertical blinds, zebra blinds, curtains, window items and fabrics. POIEMA is a Greek word meaning creativity and innovation. ANNA-RIPPLE, its flagship product is vertical blind combined with curtain.
POIEMA has a dream to grow into a company to pursue win-win cooperation beyond the pursuit of profit only and contribute to fair economic development. The management philosophy of POIEMA is to become a good company even if it is not a big company. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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