Baby Bedding

[INQ. NO. 2010C29] Animal Farm Anti-Allergy Pillow has been selected as an excellent product of the Seoul Awards. This flexible pillow is optimal for the development of the head shape of infants and toddlers who spend the most time lying down and sweating.
It absorbs sweat quickly and features quick-drying and excellent durability even with frequent washing. Made with a microfiber material, it has excellent functionality to prevent house dust mites that can cause allergies as well as excellent absorption of sweat.
Having obtained the KC mark of the FITI Testing & Research Institute, it can be used safely even for infants under 36 months. The microfiber prevents house dust mites that cause rhinitis, asthma and various allergic diseases. With a silky soft texture, it generates less fine dust, thus providing a comfortable feeling while sleeping with hygienic and adequate ventilation.

Cotton Blanket Throw with Double Weaves Guz is a two-tone dyed double gauze cotton that has been washed with high temperature to remove impurities. It is soft and does not stick to the body and absorbs sweat, making it a good product for everyday use from midsummer to spring and autumn. Lightweight and compact, it fits into a canvas bag by rolling it up. It is finished with interlock on the four edges and less deformation when washed. A tassel subsidiary material was installed on one side to add a sense of fine design. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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