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Seasoned Seaweed Snack | Korean Products

October 20, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2010C34] Crunch Sea Snack with cumin, made of seaweed of Korea and cumin, an Asian spice, has a taste of lamb skewers loved by people around the world, which is made by using unique technology to prevent the cumin flavor from escaping the laver surface. With meat ingredients completely excluded, it is not restricted by regulations on the export of foods containing meat ingredients. This patented product cannot be compared with other Korean imitations. It is a seaweed snack with lamb skewers flavor that can be enjoyed by people all over the world without restriction by religion.

Otter Mong is a seaweed snack for children rich in calcium and zinc while containing no additives. It is made with a reduced amount of cooking oil and salt compared to other seasoning seaweed snacks, and uses olive oil, making it a healthy children’s seaweed snack. It is rich in protein, and the content of fatty acids and sodium is lower than that of conventional products. It is recommended to be consumed within a short period of time once the product is opened since it is vulnerable to moisture.
Crunch Sea Snack BBQ Flavor is a new product produced using Korean original seaweed and Korean BBQ flavor. It can be enjoyed by people all over the world without restriction by religion.
Cut-type Seasoned Seaweed for Small Packing is made by seasoning and roasting carefully selected raw seaweeds (lavers) twice, and cutting it into the proper size to be packed in plastic containers.

Chunghaesim Jaban seaweed for rice ball is made by cutting and roasting rock lavers farmed on sea props with mixed oil (corn oil, sesame oil), sugar and salt to produce crispy taste. It can be mixed with rice or added to rice balls for children’s snack. It also harmonizes well with other cuisines or as a snack with a drink.
Chunghaesim is a full-size seaweed snack. Carefully selected raw seaweeds are seasoned and roasted twice without cutting, and then packed.
Yaki Sushi Nori (Onigiri)-Gimbapgim is made by roasting carefully selected raw seaweeds twice without seasoning. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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