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October 21, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2010C44] Poongnyun 1954 Pressure Cooker ensures much richer tasting meals as it is manufactured with material carefully selected for fast heat transfer, and an optimum technique preserves heat for an extended time.
This pressure cooker, uniquely manufactured in Korea by a gravity casting method, increases the heat preservation rate with fine pores formed by the 5-stage gravity casting design, and enhanced safety and heat preservation due to the thicker bottom of the pot where heat makes direct contact.
Thanks to this feature, it neither burns the food nor sticks to the inside of the pot. Cooking time has been shortened through quick and consistent heat transfer by using 99.7% pure raw materials. It is hand-made cookware with 400 units of maximum daily output under strict quality control based on the precision design.

Stonevel Pressure Cooker is a product with an improved heat preservation rate by adding Gobdol(Korean Granite Stone) to the gravity cast pot. This contemporary version of the traditional Korean cauldron is specialized for delivering the savory taste of sticky steamed rice by maximizing heat preservation when simmering with the granite stone added to the high thermal efficiency cast iron pressure cooker.

Safe and healthy use is possible for an extended period due to the natural coating method using the heat effect of the electric current, and by adding Gobdol(Korean Granite Stone) which adsorbs and decomposes material harmful to the human body.
It realizes rich flavors of the dish through a self-basting system designed to collect smoisture at the water dot lid and direct the condensation back into the ingredients. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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