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Multifunctional Shower Towel | Korean Products

October 22, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2010C53] Joy bubble is an all-in-one shower towel. It can be used easily and hygienically anywhere and anytime where water is available because it contains a disposable towel, body shampoo, and moisturizer. It feels as if having a shower with a fresh new towel, every time.
Two kinds of Joy Bubble in Red floral and Blue marine provide users with an option to select by personal preference.
Red floral containing the red flower extract reserves the subtle floral perfumes after taking a shower, while Blue marine containing seaweed extract presents pleasant and fresh feeling free from clamminess.

It can be used safely without worrying about skin problems, because it has passed the allergy test and it uses only the EWG Green ranked hypoallergenic components extracted from nature.
Joy Bubble can be used safely and hygienically in common facilities such as camping sites, swimming pools, golf courses, fitness centers, and nursing centers, including traveling in these days of Covid-19 when personal hygiene is becoming a serious issue.
TSP Korea Co., Ltd. is a specialized MRO company that manufactures various cleanroom related products. Founded in 2015 by experts from various fields such as semiconductors, electronics, and quality development, TSP Korea has developed cleanroom wipers and roll wipers, ESD related equipment, filters, consumables, and auxiliary materials. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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