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October 22, 2020


[INQ. NO. 2010C51] The water-based alkoxysilane produced by Namin International Co., Ltd. provides a breathable, flexible clear coat. By using the spray, it prevents whitening and heat deterioration resulting in improving the durability.
Consisting only of environmental-friendly materials, the spray deeply seeps into cracks and holes, while protecting the bricks. Once dried, it will last many years. All one needs to prepare is only the spray, requiring no other tools such as brush and roller.
The super mical seal also can be applied on a wet surface or moist weather. However, we recommend you to use this to avoid rainy weather to maximize its performance! ALSO, please use this after removing any impurities on the surface.

To maximize its performance, it is recommended to apply it twice – the second coat of seal after three to five hours after the first coat.
Noon’s Up Super MICA-SEAL is a waterproofing material that protects against rain and moisture from the outside. It is used where water leaks through such as concrete, brick, and porous mineral surfaces.

Consisting of an environmentally friendly, water-soluble ingredient to penetrate into the mother body, it is waterproof while enhancing the water tightness. With watertight layers formed on the surface, it provides resistance to external environmental pollutants as well as the prevention of surface deterioration and anti-whitening effect.

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