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Belly Warming Patch for Diet | Korean Products

October 23, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2010C56] The 3NS Daily Slimming Patch is a high-quality product that is fully made in Korea. It helps to warm abdomen care through pleasant thermal sensation by quick heat-generation that lasts more than after being attached to the abdominal area. Users can experience thermal effects deep in the skin due to the emission of far- infrared radiation.
Its ingredients come from natural herbs and plant extracts, and it also uses a premium material to keep a warm feeling for an extended period of time. The special TPE gel, containing mineral oil, minimizes sensitive skin irritation, which is also attached well to the body and detached smoothly.

Using patented technology, the 3NS Daily Slimming Patch helps to break down fat, reduces cellulite, improves blood circulation, and relieves menstrual cramps. Since it consists of four sizes, one can choose whatever the body needs.
The real thermo-genesis helps increase basal metabolic rate, improves blood circulation, and eases menstrual syndrome, while burning abdominal fats cellulites. Manufactured in a wider width, it covers the abdomen and waist properly.
The formulation of 42°C is a fat-soluble TPE gel containing high-quality mineral oil, and is excellent in delivery and storing of capsaicin, a pepper extract. Therefore, even a small amount that is not irritating to the skin can be sufficiently effective.

TS Co., Ltd. has developed a TPE gel that is different from the existing adhesive components for sports taping by incorporating innovative sports taping manufacturing technology over the past ten years.
The company has acquired various certifications including CE, the FDA, the KFDA, the ISO13485 and ISO9001, testifying that the company produces high-quality products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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