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October 23, 2020


[INQ. NO. 2010C55] 90% of the mouth odor causes oral problems, most commonly caused by the multiplication of bacteria that use food scraps as an ingredient such as cavities, windmills, endocarditis and seoltae. Therefore, it cleans the oral cavity with a pair of teeth and gargles, but there have been inconveniences and restrictions on the pubs.
Gargles are used to relieve the pain in the teeth, but they are inconvenient to carry them around, and you have to rinse the mouth like toothpaste and spit them out. In order to address this inconvenience, Y&D Inter Trade developed a refined type of mouthwash called ‘Dr.Mint’.

Dr.Mint in a tablet form is easy to carry, showing excellent efficacy in curing a hangover, makes you free from bad breath, and provides a lasting fresh feeling for an extended time if allowed to dissolve in the mouth.
It can be used to cure a hangover as well as the commonly developing stomatitis by keeping it in the home. Besides, in situations where you are unable to brush the teeth, it can be taken orally by dissolving it and swirling it around the teeth.
Stevia, one of the plants used in Dr. Mint prepared from a mixture of botanical extracts with strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action is not only effective for tooth decay prevention, but also for curing a hangover by protecting the liver by inhibiting active oxygen production from fatigue in the liver when absorbing alcohol.
Stevia, strong in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, helps to cure a hangover with a predominant response to the hangover-inducing material by separating the inflammatory substance from alcohol that stimulates leukocyte in the blood.

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