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November 12, 2020[INQ. NO. 2011C08] As social distancing continues due to Covid-19, the amount of time people spend indoors is increasing. This leads to an increase in the sales of interior products that stabilize the mind and body. A diffuser is an essential item in the interior. Consumers are trying to make their spaces more comfortable and refreshing by using diffusers in the toilet, at the dining table, and in other personal spaces.
The electronic diffuser Pioreum is an ideal interior accessory that provides psychological stability as well as therapeutic effects through the sense of smell among the five senses. This product has entered into a strategic technical alliance with P&W International Co., Ltd., from which it is supplied with Concentrates version fragrance made by using only verified ingredients. In cooperation between P&W International’s R&D department and the company-affiliated research center, it developed signature scents Ci and Bi, to provide space setting and product development solutions for recognizing and highlighting corporate image, and providing a one-stop totally related to product production. ‘
Pioreum uses 100% undiluted solution of Fine Fragrance, the highest grade, provided by P&W International, and it is provided for various purposes such as hotels, interiors, furniture, and bedding companies with comfortable fragrance and unique design.

Pioreum is a new type of diffuser that is equipped with incense on a fiber stick, breaking away from the traditional way of putting incense in the existing empty bottle. Users can also put a scent in the refill filter according to their tastes.
Established as an interior company in 2016, DALI Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing products that enrich living spaces. Through two years of research and development, the company has been leading the hardware platform market including multifunctional fusion hinges and solid stick diffusers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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