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November 13, 2020

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 2011C27] Cooing Soap is a 100% handmade soap brand. These products also passed the U.S. FDA-certification test and the FITI antimicrobial test – they are 99.9% antibacterial against six typical bacterias and their safeness has been verified.
The existing foam cleansers and facial cleansers often wash away the oil and moisture that should remain on the skin, because of their chemical ingredients.
Cooing Soap, however, provides a soft and gentle washing experience because it contains no surfactants, preservatives, or reinforcing agents, and helps keep your skin moisturized by helping you wash only the unnecessary dirt off your face, and leaves the basic oil and moisture that your skin needs.
In addition, unlike regular soap, this soap can deeply cleanse the skin with its special oily ingredient that generates sticky bubbles to effectively remove makeup.

NS Co., Ltd. uses only natural ingredients without synthetic surfactants, preservatives or enhancers. It produces 35 different types of soaps with various functionalities and designs offering a wide selection to consumers, including: Cooling Soap Basic which comes in 21 types, each being produced according to the effects of natural powders; Cooling Soap Toy which provides fun and uniqueness of cleaning the figures by placing them into the soap; Cooling Soap Gold which is a luxurious type soap that contains 99.9% edible gold leaf; Cooling Soap Premium which is created with rare, high-quality raw materials and natural aroma; and blended soap which blends different ingredients suitable for different types of skin.





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