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November 13, 2020[INQ. NO. 2011C35] LAMPCOOK is patented and innovative kitchenware. It has an oil outlet, rotating separator, electromotion cover, sliding handle and auxiliary cover in its body, which clearly differentiates itself from the existing kitchenware and adds functionality.
LAMPCOOK has an automatic rotating rod that automatically stirs the food by a touch of a button on the handle, so that the food will not be scorched and stuck to the pot. It has a rotating wing inside the pot which will automatically turn the food, so that it will be cooked quickly and evenly without being scorched.
LAMPCOOK has an auxiliary cover through which you can insert food without opening the main cover. By keeping the main cover on, you can preserve moisture and juice while cooking and cook cleanly and safely as the main cover will prevent the food inside from jumping out or being exposed. It has an oil outlet on its body which will drain oil and keep the inside of the pot clean and moist while cooking, thus maintaining the natural flavor of the meat.
A stainless thermal conductor is inserted into its bottom, so that it can be used with all kinds of heat sources, including induction cookers, halogen cookers, gas stoves, etc., and can be easily and conveniently used anywhere, anytime.
5PLY Fremium Cookware is made of stainless steel (STS439) + aluminum (AL1050) + aluminum (AL3003) + stainless steel (ST430) built in five layers as a combined structure by integrating metal cladding technology with excellent IH function, thereby offering excellent thermal conductivity, durability, and hygiene.
It uses Exclipse Solution Coating produced by Whitford, a global American coating specialist, which is recognized for the highest quality in more than 60 countries. Unlike general coating methods, the double-coated Excalibur and Arc ion gives clear engraving and embossing, and is more than ten times stronger than other coatings, so it can be used for a long time.
By maximizing the thermal conductivity and heat preservation rate through the three-dimensional functional embossing of a hexagonal honeycomb pattern on the inner surface, and forming an oil rod, it is easy to cook with a small amount of oil.

The ergonomic design through the edge roll method and the handle attached by spot welding makes the interior clean and refined, and it has an anti-corrosion effect by enclosing the aluminum of the finished part that may be exposed due to the characteristics of the raw material, so it can protect the health of users from harmful substances.
With the whole body made of 5-ply material, and the middle part made of aluminum alloy that has a thermal conductivity of three-times higher than normal, so it can cook over a small fire without water and only the moisture of vegetables when boiling them, and it is highly protected against environmentally harmful substances.
Moreover, it does not deteriorate even when used for a long period of time, maintains luster, and has strong durability that does not rust. It also has excellent heat conductivity and heat preservation rate by using the whole heating method, so that nutrients in the food are less destroyed and cooked evenly, and the food remains warm for a long time even after cooking. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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